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Welcome to Kofi Kunkpe Music's page, your gateway to the vibrant world of West African music, drumming and culture. Led by Ewe master drummer Kofi Kunkpe, we offer immersive workshops, captivating performances, and transformative retreats. Unleash your rhythm, embrace the culture, and join us on a journey of joy and connection.

Kofi Kunkpe is an Ewe master drummer &
multi-instrumentalist from the Volta Region of Ghana.

A multi-skilled, celebrated performer and teacher, creating custom made programs or performances to suit your needs.




Experience the Vibrancy of African Culture with Kofi Kunkpe's Workshops. As a charismatic ambassador of West African culture, Kofi brings his passion and infectious joy to dynamic workshops. From kindergartens to corporate events, immerse yourself in the realm of rhythm, dance, and cultural connection. Let Kofi ignite your passion for African culture through interactive and meaningful experiences.

Kofi combines best West African drummers, musicians and dancers, catering for small and intimate to dynamic performances and events.

Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of traditional African instruments played by master artists. Surrender to the fusion of street dance and circus moves, where everyone can join in.


Drumming Lessons



Drumming Lessons: Unleash Your Inner Rhythm For those eager to dive deeper into the world of drumming, Kofi offers weekly drumming lessons in the picturesque Yarra Ranges. With Kofi's expert guidance and infectious enthusiasm, you'll unlock the power of rhythm and discover the drummer within.

Experience the essence of Africa through transformative retreats with Kofi Kunkpe Music. Camp Modzaka in the picturesque Yarra Valley offers a yearly escape filled with African dance, music, drumming, and cuisine. 

For the ultimate exploration, join the Ghana Tour in 2024. Kofi Kunkpe extends a special invitation to drummers, musicians, students, and cultural enthusiasts to experience his home. 


Kofi Kunkpe's rhythm is contagious, the performances are exhilarating, and the cultural connections are profound. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the vibrant spirit of West Africa through workshops, drumming lessons, captivating performances and even retreats. 

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What People Say

As you have probably heard, the sessions have been fabulous! Everyone loves Kofi, wonderful focus and enthusiasm...and not just from students!! Staff are raving about it!

Hoddles Creek Primary School​

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